Business terms of internet applications

Mutual rights and liabilities of The User and The Operator arising from the use of The Application are governed by these business terms:

  1. Definition
    1. In these Business Terms:
      1. 'The Operator' is the Company MEYWO s.r.o. , C.R.N.: 6538258, based in Bělehradská 858/23, Praha 2, 120 00.
      2. 'The Application' is the internet application named Meywo , among main features of the Application is the option of fulfilling of quests in an active manner which is accessible via,, and other subdomains.
      3. 'GBT' means these Global Business Terms.
      4. 'The Agreement' is The Agreement made between The User and The Operator the subject matter of which is to provide The License for the use of The Application to The User under these GBT.
      5. 'The License' is the non-exclusive license for the use of the Application under these GBT.
      6. 'The User' is any legal person or natural person who differs form The Operator and uses The Application.
      7. 'The User Account' is a non-public part of The Application which is accessible to The User after submitting The Login Information.
      8. 'The Login Information' is a unique combination of a login name of The User and a login password chosen by The User which The User submits into the database of The Application during the creation of The User Account within The Application and/or is automatically generated to The User by The Application.
  2. Process of The Agreement making concerning the use of The Application
    1. The Appearing of the button named 'Global Business Terms' within the user interface of The Application is the proposal for The Agreement making on behalf of The Operator.
    2. The User by clicking the button 'Global Business Terms' unconditionally agrees to accept the proposal of The Agreement making on behalf of The User and by this act is The Agreement making process considered made.
    3. The User by clicking the button 'Global Business Terms' in the sense of the step 2.2 also agrees to these GBT and The Operator is obliged to inform The User within the user interface of The Application about this act.
    4. When The Agreement is made the following provisions of these GBT are in force.
  3. The Use of The Application
    1. The Operator grants The User The License in a range within the limits set by The User Interface, particularly set for The user Account given.
    2. The Operator grants The User The License free of charge.
    3. The User is not allowed to create more than one user account.
    4. The User does not have the right to give a sublicense for The Use of The Application to The Third Party.
    5. All the financial implemenatation within The Application or a payment gateway connected to The Application is considered paid by the full amount being credited to the banking account provided by The Operator.
    6. The operator has the right to remove, change and/or to make The Aplication or the parts of The Application inaccessible via the particular internet address for any given reason.
    7. The User commits to using The Application in a manner which does not cause any harm to The User or The Operator.
    8. The User acknowledges advertising commecricals being the inseparable part of MEYWO and could not be considered unsolicited or requested for removal.
  4. Database
    1. The user has no right to machine-mine the database connected to The Application within the use of The Application (particularly by so-called mining bots).
    2. The User and The Operator arrange herein, any data provided by The User to the Application database is a part of the database gathered by The Operator and becomes a part of the database of The Operator without any arising rights of The User to the application database by any actions of The User described in this paragraph.
    3. Parties to this Agreement are aware, consistently declare and do not dispute, The Application complies with the provisions of paragraph 562 section 2 of the Civil Code, which means the data records in The Application and in the database of The Aplication as an electronic system are reliable and recorded systematically and sequentially and are protected against changes.
  5. Personal data and cookies
    1. The User Agreement with the use of cookies by The Operator listed in the appendix no. 1 of these GBT is a part of this Agreement.
    2. The User Agreement with provision of personal data to The Operator listed in the appendix no. 2 of these GBT is a part of this Agreement.
  6. Liabilty for damages
    1. Provisions of this part of these GBT do not apply to The User.
    2. The User through this agreement explicitly forfiets the right for a damage compensation from The Operator unintentionally or not from culpable negligence caused by The Operator or violation of any obligation of The Operator listed in The Agreement in accordance to fulfilment of The Agreement or these GBT.
  7. Change of The GBT
    1. The User acknowledges that The Operator makes The Agreement in a casual business relations with a larger number of subjects and The Agreements are long-term binding by their content to a repetitive fulfilment of the same content with regards to these GBT. Parties to this Agreement make unquestionable that the nature of the liabilities of The Operator according to these GBT arises and even before this Agreement had been made had arisen the reasonable need for later changes of these GBT.
    2. Parties to this Agreement hereby agree that The Operator is allowed to make changes to these GBT within a reasonable range, and simultaneously agree that the change of The GBT shall be announced to The User as The Second Party via an email message sent to the email address provided by The User to The Application. In such case The User has the right to refuse The GBT changes and revoke the obligation in question between The User and The Operator and to give one (1) month notice which starts the following day after the notice had been sent, and about which The Parties of this Agreement hereby accordingly agree that the notice period is sufficient for resolving similar notices from different subjects.
    3. In case a new agreement is made to an already existing user account (i.g. to renew or to prolong The User account), such Agreement follows The GBT as last amanded at the date of The Agreement making proces is considered made.
  8. Obligatory Information for The End-User
    1. This Article of The GBT is effective only in relation to The User, who is The End-User. The provisions stated in this article of these GBT do not particularly apply to businessmen - self-employed persons or companies.
    2. The Operator hereby informs The User that:
      1. The postal address of The Operator corresponds with the base address of The Operator stated above;
      2. the telephone contact of The Operator is +420603808341;
      3. the address for delivering electronic mail to The Operator is;
      4. a provision of The Operator for The License is stipulated with all taxes and fees included and the amount of the provision and/or the calculating method is formulated within The Application;
      5. there are no delivery expenses for The User ;
      6. There are no expenditures for the use of telecommunication means towards The Operator from The User;
      7. the data about The Agreement making including these GBT is stored in the application database and The User is able to access the data through The User Account.
      8. The User has the option of finding mistakes by checking The User Account;
      9. The correction of mistakes made when entering data can be done also within The Application, and in the absence of such option by the technical support the contact of which is provided in The Application;
      10. The Operator obeys the law of The Czech Republic; no other legislature is binding for The Operator;
      11. The subject matter of The Agreement is not a delivery of the goods, therefore the return policy legislature does not apply to The Application; It is possible to claim the liability for apparent or hidden application errors, which were a part of The Application in the time of becoming available for The User, from The Operator, if the conditions set by the legislature, The Agreement, and these GBT are met;
      12. The User is obliged to obey these GBT, which are also a part of The Agreement, and the law of The Czech Republic;
      13. The User is allowed to notify The Government Control and Inspection of The Czech Republic. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority resolves out-of-court complaints of end-users obeying conditions set by the respective legislature.
    3. If The User provides their opinions or photograpghs or audiovisual materials (electronically, through post, or other means), places this material on the web site of The Application MEYWO or other sites of The Operator, or participates in events of The Operator, where the audiovisual material is recorded, thus provides to The Operator the following rights to these results of their actions and even if they are properties under the Copyright Act No. 121/2000 Sb., (henceforth referred to as “The Contributions”): to use, edit, copy, distribute, share, exhibit, publicly perform, reproduce, publish, sublicense, transport, transfer, or to sell any of these means and to create derived work, sublicense to The Third Party unlimited rights to apply any of the previuosly mentioned rights granted in the relation with these Contributions. On behalf of the passing of these Contributions does not arise the obligation to use these Contributions by The Operator and The Operator is authorized to delete these Contributions at any time from the web site at the will of The Operator. The user is denied any reward for providing the rights to The Contributions to The Operator.
    4. By participating at events of The Operator The User grants the use of their portrait on advertising materials of The Operator.
  9. Applicable Law
    1. These GBT and The Agreement obey the legislature of The Czech Republic, particularly the Act No. 89/2012 Sb. of the Civil Code, as subsequently amanded.
    2. Any disputes arisen under The Agreement and/or these GBT shall be resolved by subject-matter and territorial jurisdiction of The Czech Republic.
  10. Become Effective
    1. These GBT become effective and are in force by October 29th, 2017